News from the board - March 2019

We’ve had a lot of changes over the past year, with Jefferson Duval, Jo Ferneau, and Brian Hilden leaving the board and Taylor Kohn, Michael McCaw, and David Steinfeld joining us. This transition has created opportunities as well as challenges. We are in the process of selecting new people to the board. If you are interested, please contact us.

We recently passed the 2019 budget which includes funding the Central Medford High School circles, Raven Weekend, Inner Mentor Weekend, Rites of Passage Weekend, and workshops. This is an ambitious program which will require all of our financial support and time.

As Alliance of Generations moves forward, we would love to hear from you. What programs should we offer? Are there workshops that you would like to see? Are there speakers? Is there a way that you can help out?

Calendar of Events