How to become a Mentor

The men and women who volunteer their time to be with our youth or support our programs in other ways are the backbone of Alliance of Generations. We are interested in finding new mentors for our programs. If you want to know how to become involved, we would love to discuss our program with you. The best way to get to know mentors in Alliance of Generation and how we approach mentoring is to join us at one of our Monthly Mentoring Circles. We also offer the Inter Mentor Weekend for men who  intensive weekend where participants explore their childhood in preparation for working with young people. This training is not being offered in 2019.

We require interested men and women to apply for being mentors and to have a background check. We encourage all mentors to continue to attend Workshops and receive Training pertaining to youth mentoring.

Being a mentor not only supports our youth but can be a rich, learning experience.

Monthly Mentoring Circles

Every month mentors meet to learn and support each other. In these circles, we discuss issues or topics related to youth. We share our lives and experiences in ways that teach and model communicating with people of all ages.

Workshops and Training

Alliance of Generations offer training or directs mentors to training pertaining to youth mentoring, as well as communication skills for all ages.