“As adolescence ends - if there is no effective initiation or mentorship - a sad thing happens. The fire of thinking, the flaring up of creativity, the bonfires of tenderness all begin to go out.”
— Robert Bly

Raven Weekend. This weekend is for boys and girls 10 -13 years of age. It is facilitated by trained mentors, and by the fathers and mothers of boys and girls who are participating on the weekends. Students arrive on a Friday afternoon and are taken into the mountains where the training is held. From the moment they arrive until the training is over on Sunday afternoon, the youth form a community that is safe, respectful, honest, fun, and trusting. It is a time when these youth can delve a little deeper in their lives. This training will not be offered in 2019.

Rites of Passage Weekend. This training is for teenage young men; ages 14-17. It is a respectful time for the young man to consider, "what kind of man he wants to be" and "what is and isn't working in his life?" In many ways, it can be a timeout for many from their lives, a time when profound changes are taking place. We create a space for these young men to form deeper relationships with their peers and men in their community. The focus of control during the weekend stays with the teen. This weekend will not be offered in 2019.

Vision Quest. This training is designed for and by youth 18 years and older. This training will not be offered in 2019.